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Seben DKA2 Mount

The Seben DKA2 Camera Mount

The Seben DKA2 Camera mount has become popular with
airgun hunters as a way to capture high-quality video
directly through their scopes. This mount allows you to attach a
small, digital camera, to the back of your scope and record your
hunts. While using the mount, you will be unable to use the
the scope in a traditional manner; but the screen of the camera
can be used to sight your target while the gun is mounted in a vise,
or on sand bags.
Once you have the target in your crosshairs,
press the record button and gently squeeze the trigger!

YouTube Videos Showing the Seben Camera Mount in Action

There are many videos on YouTube showing the Seben Camera
Mount in action. These videos were all shot using a digital camera
attached to the Seben DKA2 Camera Mount. You can see how the
camera is mounted directly behind the scope and is able to capture
all the action you would typically see with your naked eye.

This is one of the most descriptive videos available:

Click here or above to view all the videos


Camera Size

The following image shows the size of the opening that mounts
onto the scope's Ocular Lens (the side closest to your eye).

Seben Camera Mount

The newest mounting system is the Scope Camera
Camcorder Mount from Old Florida Outdoors. They
have developed a mounting system that will mount a
small camcorder to the back of your scope, allowing
for the same recording as the Seben Camera Mount,
but with your full HD video camera.

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